It Is Just Another Hill, Get Over It


Photo courtesy of @BJpatriots

Jackson Clemons, Writer

Our cross country team is doing well this year. Mrs. Lambert’s newsletter shared the results of our most recent XC meet: “Congrats to BJ Cross Country at Chickasaw competing with over 110 schools. What a great experience for our BJ Cross Country in faring well against sectional competition. VBoys finished 3rd in section and VGirls placed 4th in section with many reaching personal records.”

Cross-country is an excruciating endurance sport that takes a lot of characteristics to rise to the top. Many members rise to the top by confronting and overcoming their natural weaknesses. Most members of the team agree that the hardest aspect of running is the mentality or the lack of motivation and determination. To reach full potential, runners must have faith in themselves and their training. They must also blow all the negativity away with positivity. Runners should also acknowledge the accomplishments they have made, which isn’t always a medal but just an improved time. 

It also takes certain elements to be an efficient cross-country team member. Coach Mcllwain shared, “Leadership is the key to any success when a team holds each other accountable. We are focused and goal-driven with attainable goals, which leads us to an ultimate goal of championships.” 

He then stated, “It takes commitment to rise to the top. It takes hard work, focus, patience, endurance, and a willing spirit to suffer to attain our goals.”

These are not just tips and tricks for omega wolves that have just joined the fierce and ruthless wolf pack. These are also tips and tricks for any sports or just life in general.

If you’d like to see the cross country team in action, you can check them out at an upcoming meet: