The Perpetual Rivalry Continues: Bob Jones vs James Clemens

Baraka Busambwa, Contributor

Bob Jones vs James Clemens has been a long and hard-fought rivalry. On Friday, it was fought on the hardwood floor as the schools’ basketball teams squared off. Freshman, JV, and Varsity. The crowd was full of supporters from both schools. The environment was electric going into tip-off, and it stayed that way through both games.

The girl’s varsity game was a blowout! The girl’s team came out of the gate strong and kept on going until the end of the game. The Bob Jones girls hit the JC team with a flurry of three-pointers and fast break shots. They overpowered and out-hustled the JC girl’s varsity team. At the end of the game, Bob Jones was holding on to a 20-point lead, and it was by all standards, an entertaining game ending in an excellent win for the girl’s team.

The boys’ varsity team was a hard-fought and competitive game. Throughout the game, the boys were giving it their all on the court. The crowd was wild the entire time, screaming during the three-pointers, blocks, and dunks. The game was close the entire game, with both teams struggling to gain control of the game. Bob Jones attacked the paint hard, and JC couldn’t stop them. JC was hitting threes and got close near the end of the game. With a minute to go with a 7-point lead. Bob Jones’ Juju (white #24) got a game-sealing block, protecting the lead and the game. Usually, it would’ve sealed the game, but James Clemens was given possession. Bob Jones still held on to the lead for the win.

Any sporting or club event against James Clemens is a highly anticipated one, and these games didn’t disappoint.