Catch a Softball Game This Season

Catch a Softball Game This Season

Sophia Carroll, Contributor

The softball season is finally underway, and the team has several big wins already. For example, they recently beat James Clemens 14 to 3. Varsity’s next home game is against Austin on March 28 at 5 pm, which may be moved elsewhere because of the damage that the softball field fence suffered during storms. You can see the rest of the schedule by clicking HERE.

The team is coached by Coach Deavers.

Vivian Hassan, a JV player, shared her insight on a few special players to watch this season. “For JV, I think Hyland Walfield is good. She plays center field. Also, watch our catcher Hydee Donnell. They are both doing very well. And as for varsity, their pitcher AJ Vineski and also Charlotte Herron, she plays shortstop, she’s very good! Also their catcher Aubrey Gibson!”

Bella Bertagnolli also talked about her excitement for the season, “I’m so excited for softball! I love playing and it’s my favorite thing to do!”

Kayla Nichols followed up with how she can’t wait for the games, “I think we will do very well! I really can’t wait for the games!”

Everyone should be very excited for the softball season and try to go to at least one of their games.

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