Bob Jones DI Does It Again

Procrastination Station

Julia Pimmel, Writer

Tons of creative minds came to Bob Jones last Saturday for the Destination Imagination North Regional Tournament. Kids from elementary school to seniors in high school gathered here to compete against other kids across the northern region of Alabama. There were significantly fewer teams this year than in years previous, but that still didn’t dull the buzz of competition!

Four Bob Jones teams competed at Secondary Level, three of them ran unopposed, and all won first place in their team challenges. All of the teams’ hard work has paid off, and they will advance to the State Competition this April!

Even though the tournament was earlier than normal this year, teams still managed to get their stuff together in time! Service Learning team member Rebecca Meyer commented, “I think that this competition went really well, and that it allowed us to experience a new way of going about our problems since we did a new challenge this year.” Now, the teams have time to tweak their performances and make everything better before the next competition.

Here is the list of winning teams from Bob Jones

Scientific Challenge: “Procrastination Station”

Avery Adams, Lael Anderson, Emilee Lamps, Jenny Shaver & Maddie Shrode

Fine Arts Challenge: “The Artist formerly known as Philly D’s Funkadelic Band of Brothers”

Alec Dauma, Philip Hotz, Vaughn Lemond, Ward Lenoir & Clayton Sanders

Service Learning: “Can We Say This?”

Emma Bordelon, Aaliyah Coe, Brooke Heath, Jackie Jory, Rebecca Meyer & Julia Pimmel

Improv Challenge: “Rock Bottom Carpets”

Caeden Anderson, Jake Munson, Rishish Narahari, Cooper Sawyer, Trevor Peck & Grant Pethel