What Bob Jones Students Want to See in Patriot Path


Shelby West, Writer

Patriot Path at Bob Jones is in its fourth year, and it has provided many students with a chance to hang out with friends and do something that they enjoy every Wednesday. There are many Patriot Paths to choose from. However, the most popular Paths always fill up within a few days. Bob Jones students have some ideas for new Patriot Paths to create more opportunities for students to go to a Path that interests them.

The most commonly full Patriot Path options are game-based. Paths like basketball, cornhole, ultimate frisbee, and card games give students the opportunity to be active while they hang out with their friends. Other popular Patriot Paths include watching movies, clubs, and arts/craft themed Patriot Paths.

Others prefer Patriot Paths like quiet rooms and study halls that give students time to relax in the middle of a stressful week. Many students polled at Bob Jones say that they would like to see a “nap time” Patriot Path to give students a break from the stressful nature of late-night homework and having to wake up early in the morning. Getting a nap time Patriot Path might not be a feasible goal at the moment. However, Bob Jones students agree that adding another study hall or quiet room to the list of available Patriot Paths would help since the more relaxing Paths fill up so quickly.

Some Patriot Path options suggested by Bob Jones students include the following: dodgeball, kickball (because sports Paths are almost always full), Just Dance, Mario Kart, watching vines, and watching Friends (because there is already an “Office” Path).

Many students agree that Patriot Path already has a lot of good choices, but adding some more student-suggested options would make Patriot Path more enjoyable for more students by giving more opportunities for students to unwind and hang out with their friends doing something that they enjoy. If you have any suggestions for a new Patriot Path option, send your ideas to Mrs. Carroll. Also, you can always volunteer to lead a Patriot Path if you have a special talent or skill you want to share with others.