BJHS Student Section: A Fun, Near-Death Experience


TJ Sanders, Contributor

This year’s Bob Jones football team’s season started off shaky, but things are looking up. After playing a couple of games pre-season, we got into the real games of the season. We lost to Buckhorn and James Clemens, but then we played Huntsville, played well, and WON. We also picked up another win against Florence. One thing that has been consistent, especially at home games, is a great cheering student section.

The student section is a very interesting place. Just like on the field, there’s blood, sweat, and tears. You may get punched or spit on and then be a part of a sing-along to “Sweet Caroline.” A plethora of things can happen, good or bad. It’s a mosh pit but such a good experience of high school football. 

The rivalry game against James Clemens was one of the craziest games I’ve seen in a long time. The theme for students was just straight red, white, and blue. Everyone dressed up in their craziest outfits from shirtless painted people to a full-on Moses with his staff and all. The teams went back and forth with touchdowns and then we went into overtime and lost. Quarterback Rayshawn Hardy was outstanding with 188 rushing yards and 208 passing yards and 5 touchdowns! It was great having a big student section witness some phenomenal gameplay and bring their energy to the experience, even if it was a loss.

It’s the best when our team plays amazingly and gets the win with the student section yelling their heads off.  When we got the win against Huntsville, Rayshawn had 5 touchdowns AGAIN, we also scored two more, and WON AGAINST HUNTSVILLE with a final score 52-49. The student section was dressed in neon colors, and  Students shot huge powder cannons off, and there was always the continuous screaming and yelling from the stands.

Some things I would like to add to the amazing student section would be having a Patriot Night where we would all dress up like we were in the Revolutionary war and dress up like… well, Patriots… and charge the field when we win. Another thing I might change would be having more chants we all know. 

But even as it is now, the student section makes the game more fun for the students themselves, fans in the normal stands, and even for the football players. If you haven’t braved the student section yet this year, you should get on that for Homecoming!