Homecoming Dance


Graphic art by Cornelius Halliburton

Lilliana Bowers, Writer

Many people are going to the Homecoming dance, and I think you should, too.

The Homecoming dance is on September 10th, the day after the Homecoming football game. The dance will start at 8:00 and end at 11:00 in the main gym. You may not re-enter once you leave the dance, though you can hang out with your friends in the courtyard during the dance.

You must buy your tickets by Friday. They have been on sale all day in the library and during 3rd block in the upstairs Commons. Cash and cards are being accepted. They are not on sale online; tickets are only being sold in person. You can’t buy them at the door of the dance. You pay $20 for a ticket that is marked single or 40 dollars for a ticket being marked couple. You may only buy 1 ticket, whether it’s a couple ticket or a single ticket. We are not doing the form for dates from other schools this year, but people from other schools can come. The dance is disco-themed, meaning that the decorations will be disco themed. There will be disco balls and other “disco” decorations.

Many people have plans before and after Homecoming. Some students said that they were going “to get my hair and makeup done” and “take pictures and eat.”

After taking a poll, 58% of people said they were going. Out of the 20 adults that I asked that didn’t go to Homecoming, 19 of them said they wish they would have. Even if you don’t have a date, you can go to have fun with your friends. Better to go and have the memories than to regret not going.