Students’ Study Habits


Katee Dalton, Contributor

Have you ever needed to study for a test,but didn’t know how to go about it? Maybe you don’t know how often to study. 

According to High School of America, the average student should be studying 1 to 2 hours after class every day. Obviously, every student doesn’t do that. They have other responsibilities like sports, clubs, work, and just maintaining their social life. Many students don’t have time to study or even do their assigned homework and a lot of them end up staying up into the late hours of the night because they have other school events that they are required to go to after school, so they don’t have time for homework. A survey was sent out to some of the students at Bob Jones and roughly 25% of them say that they don’t have time to study because of those reasons that were listed.

In this survey, the students were also asked how often they get to study. The majority of students said “rarely” or “whenever needed.” Only about 28% of those students said they study daily or every other day. 

The last question that was asked in the survey asked the students what methods they use for studying. Many students said that they turn off their phones and limit distractions. Here were the most popular forms of study:

Studying Tips From Other Students:

Use Repetition:

Lots of the students that took the survey also said that they like to go over the material multiple times to make sure they remember it. Others said they like to re-write their material or notes taken in class, and some even said vocalizing their material and saying it aloud helps them remember. 

Timed Studying/Pomodoro:

Some students said they like to set a timer for a certain amount of time and study the entire time with no distractions. I know other students who like to use the pomodoro method. You set a timer for twenty-five minutes, then take a ten-minute break. This helps get rid of burnout because you’re taking so many breaks, and it helps to not feel so overwhelmed when studying.

Note cards/Quizlet:

A great way to memorize things that lots of students suggested is to use note cards. Write a question down on one side, and on the other the answer. When you pull a notecard out you’ll try to answer the question on your own, and check yourself when you flip your card over. A good way to do this without carrying lots of little cards around would be Quizlet

Online Resources:

You can use things like YouTube, and Google to help you with subjects that you’re struggling with. Some students in the survey said that they really like to use YouTube for math specifically. There are lots of great resources online that you can use. You could even get an online tutor if you feel like you need one.