Christmas Wishes


Aubrey Gibson, Contributor

Don’t know what to ask for or what to buy for Christmas? With a few brands and things trending, I have a pretty good guess what may be on some people’s wishlists.

With the new iPhone 14 that came out in September, you should expect to see these on a wishlist. They are newer technology which means it’s different and possibly better than the other phones. To go with that, the Apple Airpod Maxes are very “in” now. They are Apple headphones that come in a few nice colors. People wear them for aesthetic purposes, and their battery life lasts longer than the regular AirPods. Don’t be shocked if you see these on a wishlist or maybe even your own. 

With the new Call of Duty, expect a lot of our fellow gamers to request this awesome game for Christmas. It’s a very trendy game right now and with COD being one of the top-played games over the past few years, expect to see people ask for this enjoyable game.

Dior is a very known and big brand. After the Dior lip oil went viral for how nice it is, people have been spending money on this. I have asked for this for Christmas. It’s known for being extremely hydrating and makes the lips look extremely nice and glossy. 

Jordan 1’s or Nike Dunks have been extremely in style to make outfits look great. Coming in many different color combinations and being one of the most worn shoes right now. Don’t be shocked if you see plenty of these brands of shoes on wishlists. They are slightly pricey for shoes but overall worth it. 

Other things like makeup, bath things, sports equipment, clothes, and room accessories are very common on Christmas wishlists. Have fun Christmas shopping or Christmas wishing!