Tips for New Drivers


Bella Williams, Contributor

Here at Bob Jones High School, we have many students who are brand new to driving. Because we all value the safety of our new drivers and for old , Patriot Pages is sharing a helpful list of tips for new drivers.

Coach Smothers, one of the Driver’s Education teachers here at Bob Jones, said, “Some of the main things that come to mind are as follows: (1) Don’t be on your phone, (2) Obey all traffic laws, (3) Always check your blind spots, (4) Use your blinkers, (5) never speed, and (6) Always wear your seatbelt.”

I also consulted a few websites. said, “Complete the following before you begin driving: adjust your seat to reach the pedals comfortably, move your side mirrors and rearview mirror for good visibility around the vehicle, and remove any distractions you can control.” recommended maintaining distance while remaining cognizant of speed, practicing the old notion of practice, practice, practice, keeping calm, and limiting nighttime driving.” Finally, said, “Start the GPS before beginning to drive, don’t text and drive, reduce the number of passengers, and keep the radio at a reasonable volume.”

In addition to these tips, here’s some bonus information. Some of our new drivers don’t know about the yellow card or how it works. The yellow card is like a certificate, and you can receive it if you pass your driver’s test in Driver’s Education. At that time, you can take the “yellow card” to the DMV when you finally turn sixteen. You just submit it to them, and you then will receive your license without having to take the test again at the DMV. This is a very convenient way of being able to take your driver’s license test. You will receive your license with little to no difficulties or unusual wait times that you would face otherwise. 

Teens need to be responsible when they are driving, especially with the rising numbers of teen deaths in car crashes. These tips are here to help keep everyone safe in the school parking lot and the roads around Madison as well as wherever the roads in life take you.