The Green Brothers Strike Again: Study Hall

The Green Brothers Strike Again: Study Hall

Abby Neely, Contributor

College: It’s something that’s on the minds of most students. More than just on their minds, it’s a constant worry. Where to go, how to pay, what to study… how to pay? Hank and John Green have stepped in to make these decisions a little easier for struggling students. 

Who are Hank and John Green? First of all, they’re the brothers who started the iconic series, “Crash Course.” (I’m 100% sure you’ve had to watch at least one Crash Course video in your lifetime). They’ve both written books, spoken on podcasts, and raised millions of dollars for their charity program called “Decrease World Suck” (it sounds like a joke, but it’s real! Look it up).

Most recently, the brothers have undertaken a project called “Study Hall.” Study Hall is a partnership between Crash Course, Arizona State University, and Youtube. The program is meant to assist high school students who are struggling to prepare for college by providing them with the necessary resources. Study Hall will provide real college classes, fully online, including free educational videos and living college professors for a fee of only twenty-five dollars. With the program, high school students will be able to get a head start on college credits and gain access to online education like never before. With just twenty-five dollars, students can talk to a live professor, not just an automated grading system. They can get real advice and talk to more than just a robot.

Study Hall could be the first real, effective online college program that is cost-effective. As Hank himself said, “If Study Hall can provide an actual learning community at scale for cheap, that would be transformative.” Hopefully, Study Hall becomes a staple in the student community and a helpful resource for anyone struggling to make their college decisions.