Final Exams Are Here!

Final Exams Are Here!

Isabelle Thomasy, Contributor

The time for final exams is here! It is time to review material learned (or forgotten) in time for the big test.

This time of year can be a lot. Sometimes teachers squeeze in assignments to ensure they are caught up with the curriculum they must cover by the end of the class, making it feel rushed. On top of that, completing projects, study guides, and anything else that could boost your final grade can be stressful.

Studying may not be a burden, depending on the difficulty of your classes, and everyone’s study methods differ. Cramming is one of the most popular study methods during this time, which can be very overwhelming when you have a lot of material to cover and multiple classes. Cramming is not always the best, though. Planning and prepping for these tests ahead of time can increase the chances of doing better. It’s different for every person, but studying diligently with previous notes and reviews throughout the semester ahead of time definitely comes in handy. Some recommendations from students include getting sleep the night before, eating a good breakfast, and using previous assignments to help review.

Another aspect to consider is stress and learning how to manage that stress. A student here says she likes to “hang out with friends” to help with the burden of these tests and “not think about it.” Another student stated how she listens to instrumental music and sometimes playing a game helps to focus better. Sometimes nerves get the best of us, and we just have to do the best we can.

Don’t take this time for granted and start reviewing now. We’re almost there, so let’s push through!