Patriot Path: Have You Signed Up?

Bella Williams, Contributor

Have you signed up for this week’s Patriot Path? If not, click HERE. Some interesting paths you might want to check out are  Becoming a Drone Pilot, Rock the Bob, Spike Ball, Tea and Coloring, Ultimate Frisbee, and Anime Antics. 

This semester, Patriot Path officially returned on Wednesday, January 25th, and students missed it. Patriot Path was temporarily stalled to allow teachers and students to get into the routine of new classes for the second semester. It’s the perfect de-stresser in the middle of the week to take a break and decompress from the busyness of the rest of the week. 

One Patriot Paths that took place recently was the Connections team meeting in Patriot Hall with Mrs. Lambert. In which students participated in “bonding activities,”said Emily Duong. It was led by Mrs. Lambert. Emily has written an article that goes into more detail about this event, which you can check out HERE.

Another popular recent Patriot Path was Bob Ross-inspired paintings. It included paint, brushes, and tiny canvases.

Some students had ideas for other Patriot Paths that they thought people would enjoy. Some of these ideas include sign language, floor hockey, origami, organizing teachers’ classrooms, and a gaming room. I think these are all creative ideas that would expand the selection of activities for us students to choose from. 

I think something that would be beneficial to students and their attitude towards Patriot Path is to put the options into a more accessible format so everyone is aware of all of the activities that are available. Maybe we could make it possible to “bookmark” or “favorite” the Patriot Path options that you think are interesting so that you can go back to them in the weeks following if they are still available. I think this would be a beneficial and efficient way of being sure everyone gets to do something that they enjoy participating in. 

As a student body, most of us are all excited to have Patriot Path returning for the weeks to come. It is an effective way to take a breath and relax in the middle of the week when things can get crazy. Don’t forget to sign up for something!