Stay Safe During Flu Season

Stay Safe During Flu Season

Shelby West, Caleb Johnson, and Grace Jae

Flu season is back at it again, Bob Jones. According to the CDC, up to 20% of people contract the flu in the US each year. Influenza is a mild illness, which can be deadly for young children and the elderly. If left untreated, the flu can result in hospitalization and even turn into pneumonia.

Symptoms of the flu include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, headaches, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting. If you feel more than one of these symptoms, especially a fever, make sure that you stay home from school and avoid close contact with people to prevent them from getting sick as well. If symptoms get worse, go visit your doctor.

The most important defense against the flu is the flu vaccine. While the flu vaccine cannot guarantee that you will not get the flu, it makes the symptoms not as bad and decreases your chances of hospitalization or even death by the flu. Another good defense against the flu is to avoid contact with sick people and to wash your hands after coming into contact with surfaces like keyboards, door handles, and hand rails. If you get the flu, remember to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.

Stay safe, Bob Jones.