2022 Elections

2022 Elections

Jordan Parker, Contributor

As of Wednesday, November 30, all but three seats in the US House and Senate have had officials elected. The way the House and Senate elections work is that every two years, one-third of the Senate is up for grabs while representatives for the entire US House need to be elected or re-elected. Governors are elected every four years in most states in between each presidential term.

During the elections this year, 35 out of 100 seats were up for election and out of those 35, 34 seats have currently been elected. Currently, Democrats have 50 of those 100 seats, Republicans have 49, and one seat remains undecided. Due to Georgia rules, a Senator needs to win the election by over 50%, so Georgia is still having a run-off election.

During the US House elections, all 435 seats of the House were elected. Currently, only 433 out of those 435 seats have been filled. Democrats have 213 of those seats, Republicans have 220 seats, and no independent parties have a seat. Two seats remain undecided; California and Colorado both have a district that has yet to finish their elections. Both of those districts currently have Republican leads.

The Governor elections are used by each state to choose who will oversee the operation of the state executive branch. Out of the 50 states, Democrats have 24 elected officials while Republicans have 26. There were no independent parties elected for the role and all 50 states have finished electing their chosen officials.

You can see the results of the Alabama elections, by clicking HERE.