What’s New to Madison


Kricket Johnston, Contributor

 During the recent “Celebrate Madison” event, Mayor Paul Finley announced several new projects underway for the city of Madison. You can also watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about these new developments in Madison.

One of the most exciting is the purchase of two different properties. In order to improve “quality of life for the city,” the city is putting some money toward 40 acres of property called Sunshine Oaks, sold to the city for 3 million dollars just off of Mose Chapel Road. You might remember this property for its horse pasture along the Bradford Creek Greenway comes with a house and a barn. The city plans to turn Sunshine Oaks into an “event space” for the people of Madison. On top of renovating the house and barn, the city plans to add other features, such as a pavilion, a disc golf course, a playground and a park.

The city is also purchasing building 23a on the Hexagon campus. Samantha Magnuson (the communications specialist for the city of Madison) said, “The building will be transitioned into Fire Station 4 and a police substation to support the southern side of Madison.” Magnuson also said, “Additionally, the city will also acquire the adjoining parking lot for Toyota Field overflow parking and the surrounding field space for our adult Parks and Recreation programs.”

These additions, along with the repurposing of the Three Springs facility, help to address the needs of Madison citizens as the city continues to grow.