A Week to Recognize Our Counselors

Isabelle Thomasy, Contributor

National School Counseling Week is February 6-10. This week is dedicated to recognizing our counselors for all the work and dedication they have helping students be more successful high schoolers. Counselors help with schedules and give guidance for personal issues. They are a safe person to talk to and much more. 

To get a better perspective on what it’s like being a counselor at Bob Jones, we spoke with Mr. Van Dorn. He said that “there are other things that fall under counseling… but one of the main things is to be there for students. Anxiety, depression, family stuff, friend stuff, eventually it will find its way to our desk. But we are mainly responsible for extracurricular, post-secondary plans, social, and mental health.” Mr. Van Dorn described many other tasks that fall under the counseling responsibilities that are a necessity, although he would rather be interacting and trying to help students in their life.

One of the more challenging aspects of counseling he mentioned was “wanting to get into counseling to counsel students, but with our caseload of over 600 kids each, it’s really hard to know our kids well enough and know what’s going on with their lives.” He shared that it was the most challenging aspect of being a counselor at Bob Jones.

Our counselors can be found in the counselors’ suite on the second floor next to the front office. Mr. Van Dorn (A-Go), Mrs. Anderson (Gr-O), and Mr. Delbridge (P-Z). Mrs. Maguire also helps with counseling. Dr. Bostick, our college and career counselor, can be found in her office in the upstairs commons. 

Don’t forget to appreciate your counselors this week! If you can’t see them in person, you could also send an email and express your gratitude for all that our counselors do for us.