National Puppy Day


Katie Dougherty, Photographer

Ok, so it was yesterday, but… Puppies are the best.

For example, meet Glizzabeth (pictured). Glizzabeth is a dachsund. According to this American Kennel Club poll on CNN, dachsunds are America’s #9 favorite type of dog.

If you need a puppy in your life, you can purchase from a breeder or adopt from local adoption agencies. Here is a list of popular adoption options:

  • Greater Huntsville Humane Society
  • A New Leash on Life
  • Huntsville Animal Shelter
  • Madison Animal Rescue Foundation

As for other popular dog breeds, you can check out the full list HERE. Fun fact, French bulldogs were named the most popular dogs in America, pushing out labrador retrievers for the first time in three decades.