Enrichment Day 2017


C. Audrey Harper, Writer

On April 19th, both Bob Jones and James Clemens will have an enrichment day. While the sophomores are taking the ACT Aspire and the juniors are taking the ACT with writing, the freshmen and seniors will be partaking in a variety of learning opportunities.

Amy Thaxton, a Bob Jones Assistant Principal, said, “This day is all about providing an opportunity for students to have choice and voice. For example, the students who might like to explore community service. It is a half day, which is not a huge time commitment. Transportation is provided and ​a variety of options are available.”

Students can choose from nine different types of activities:

“I am a big fan of our ​School-Sponsored Community Service that will take place on April 19. It is a chance for students to connect with organizations that provide services to our community, and it lets students see that they can make a difference through simple acts,” Thaxton stated.

A full list of school-sponsored community service projects can be found here. Registration closes on March 31st by 3:30 pm and are first come first serve. If an activity has already reached capacity, the student may be moved to another service opportunity. Those who are doing a school sponsored service project should be in the cafeteria by 8:00 a.m. and should conclude by noon. The buses will run as usual and breakfast will be provided while a sack lunch is available for those who ask for one.

Other students have opted to get some AP studying in, such as Anna Deaton, who is going to the AP Literature session. “There’s so much to learn for an AP test in a short amount of time that the more practice you can get and preparing for the types of questions on the AP exam is always better. It’s college credit so your test score is worth money.”

Many AP teachers who are not proctoring the ACT testing are holding study sessions from 8:15 to 11:30. Breakfast will be provided, and a sack lunch is available through registration. AP Art Studio, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP German, AP Human Geography, AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, and AP World History all have study sessions on the 19th.

“​AP Study Sessions are helpful, especially if the class was taken in the fall. Why not come and learn with a group of students versus trying to take on the study load by yourself?” Thaxton said.
Whatever you decide to do, make sure to sign up before March 31st on the Google form here and fill out the documentation form.