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Alora Watts

Alora Watts, Writer

Hey, I’m Alora Watts, and I’m a sophomore at Bob jones High School. I do art commissions and like to help others with their work. I’m always making jokes if I can, but make sure that the jokes I make don’t offend the audience or the individual I’m telling it to. I play piano and take lessons, and apparently have a natural talent at playing by ear and memory, but I don’t like reading sheet music and tend to get stressed during lessons and freeze up. I compare myself quite a lot to people better than me, and a lot of the time find myself only seeing the mistakes in the things I make, but I find that it helps me make things better and has me thinking things through.


I love science and explaining it to others, but get confused when my classmates don’t understand a word or topic that I believe to be “common knowledge.” I plan on getting a career in the science field. I’m mainly thinking of becoming a geneticist, but I am also considering marine biology, chemistry, and biology in general. I have an interest in cells and disease, and their behavior. I also am really curious about bringing back extinct species by taking their DNA and having a similar animal of today carry the baby. I find it really upsetting just how many species we have lost over the years due to poachers, deforestation, habitat loss, and disasters caused by the human race.


I really love art, as said, and I do commissions. If you want me to do a commission for you, you can talk to me and see some of my artwork, and then we can talk from there. I really like drawing caricature, realism, and semi-realism - all of which I’m the best at. I like drawing cartoons and Japanese cartoons, but not as much as realism. I rarely ever color my drawings, but when I do, it actually turns out pretty good most of the time. Mainly I just draw with a pencil and paper, but every now and then I’ll do something different. I’m not very experienced in 3d art though. I take painting lessons and have a decent amount of knowledge on painting nature.


I’ve always liked the idea of making a video game, or joining a small team of game developers. I’m working on my pixel art skills in case I take up an opportunity like that in the future. I am also going to give a try at coding. I really want to work on RPG’s, horror games, or similar genres. I really like drawing horror art and playing songs from horror games on the piano. A lot of them sound beautiful and interesting, and makes them fun to play. Happy songs usually don't peak much of an interest, but some do. I love complicated music, art, and concepts; I love detailed writing, and especially detailed art; and I love putting time into things. Usually when I'm writing, I write details along the way, but have started planning the entire plot of my stories out first thing. If I decide to change something along the way or in the middle of writing if I think it's better, then I do it.


 I really don’t like pop or country music. A lot of country singers aren’t even from the country, but pretend to be. They all use the same formula, and the same words and voice. Pop songs are getting more and more uncreative, and I think the comedian Bo Burnham explains this perfectly in his song “Repeat Stuff.” He’s my favorite comedian, even if some people find him “insensitive.” I think it is brilliant how he combined music and comedy, which is why I really look up to him as an artist. The whole point of comedy and jokes though is to make people laugh and for you not to take it seriously, so I don’t get why people get so easily offended, but I try not to offend others anyway. I get that people have different tastes and opinions than me, and I completely accept and respect that.


I really love writing. I’m pretty good at poems, but don’t like it when there are rules to it. I like to have a lot of creative freedom, but am okay with having to do specific things in a specific way and not always getting to do things how I want. I mainly want to write about fantasy, fiction, horror, fan-fiction, and romance. It bothers me when in stories the character is overpowered, relationships are rushed, there are plot holes, or when things in general don’t make any sense. I can’t read a story where two characters fall in love in just a day or two, or when in fantasy it gets too ridiculous.


That’s about all there is to me without getting too in depth or writing too much.

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Alora Watts