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My name is Madison. I am a sophomore at Bob Jones High School. By the end of highschool, I want to be decently fluent in Spanish and I also want to learn German, but that will come at another time. After highschool, I want to be an English teacher. I don’t know for what grades yet, though. I’m 15, still haven’t gotten my permit. But, that’s just how it is sometimes. I’ve studied a bit but I will blame my dad for the time being since he claims that I haven’t studied at all. My favorite types of movies are horror movies. Apparently there is a new Halloween movie coming out called Halloween Kills. It comes out like October 14-16 and I’m already ready for it...Even though it’s 9 months away. It’s apart of the Michael Myers franchise. I saw the Halloween movie that came out in 2018 and it was pretty cool. I’ve watched all the scream movies and yeah, they’re pretty cool. I definitely recommend them. I’d call myself pretty cool but that’s just because I’ve known myself for a while. I write poetry too. Most of it is morbid, but if you know me, it fits well with how I act. If you ever want to read my poetry, come find me and ask me about it. I’d be down to show you. Also, don't mind my double chin in my photo. It comes along with the beauty. :)

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Madison Carter