Woe, Woe, all History Students…

Mr. Seeley is Retiring!


Gracie Poehlman and Lori Sons

The terrible news was announced last Wednesday- Mr. Raymond Seeley is retiring.

Many students are devastated by this news, as Mr. Seeley has been an iconic presence, second only to Mr. Parker. Well, what’s not to like? Mr. Seeley sponsors the debate team and teaches Early US History and AP World History, which Mr. Parker often interrupts.

“I’m so heartbroken,” Heather Gray says. She’s a freshman in his first block AP World History class.

Paul Kirstien, who was in AP World History last semester says, “He’s a really good teacher. I’ll miss him.”

“I’m sad that he’s retiring, but I’m happy for him because now he can spend time with his family. I will miss him as my debate coach though,” says Jane Newberry, who was in AP World History last semester, and is on debate team.

Sarah Patton, a junior who had Mr. Seeley for both AP World History and Early US History says, “I’ve become quite attached to this marvelous history teacher, so I will certainly be sad to see him go. He is such a wonderful teacher.”

His first and second blocks wish him success in all of his future endeavors.