Holiday Gift Giving Guide: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


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Lauren Lyons, Writer

Christmas comes around every year, and for most, it’s their favorite time of year. It’s supposed to be all about spending time with family and celebrating; however, most people get caught up in gift-giving and getting.

Some people have no trouble at all coming up with gift ideas. About 40% of the students surveyed about Christmas gifts said that they have no trouble coming up with ideas for their gifts, but the rest really struggle.

Here are some suggestions that you can get your friends and significant others:

Over 50% of the students interviewed said their favorite gifts were electronic based; otherwise, they enjoyed clothes, food, books, and movies. Students seem to love technology-based gifts the most. If you’re on a budget and you’re a student who is not going to go around and buy an Iphone 7 for everyone you know, you might want some cheaper options.

All of the surveyed students believe that giftcards are a great gifts. Usually people know what they want to buy, and it seems like you know what they want when you give them a gift card, rather than just throwing $20 in an envelope and giving it to them.

Other than that, girls and boys prefer different things. On the survey students took, girls enjoy anything ranging from sportswear, clothes, perfume, food, jewelry, and bath bombs. Guys like sportswear, clothes, video games, and food.

If they don’t tell you exactly what they want, that’s ok. About ⅔ of students prefer to have something meaningful that you thought of yourself.

Caeden Anderson, a freshman, said,“The worst [gift] is nothing.” Though, if you don’t get a gift from everyone you expect, that’s ok. You take the initiative and give something.

You don’t even have to buy your friends anything that huge of a gift for them to fully appreciate it. Buy them some candy or buy them something they can stick in their stocking for Christmas.

Overall, most students don’t even know about some of the latest Christmas craves. There’s one new toy that’s very special. It’s the Hatchimal. If you haven’t heard of that, it’s ok. Neither has about 75% of students at Bob Jones. Even on the first page on the Hatchimal’s website, it states how their first shipment has sold out and they won’t be available until 2017. If you know what it is, then you probably have a firm opinion of, yes you want it, or no, who would ever want a thing like that. No one’s ever too old for a Hatchimal.

Bob Jones High School wishes you a Merry Christmas, and we wish you luck on finding all the Christmas gifts for your friends and family

[All the statistics come from a group of 9th graders that attend Bob Jones High School.]