Love Lundy, Writer

It’s finals week here at Bob Jones, Patriots. The dreaded time has come. Teachers are passing out final study guides, administrators are trying to keep everybody on track, and students are DONE. People are ready to leave our beloved campus and head home for some good old family time, Christmas cheer, and gifts. Personally, this last week of intense studying and stress is something that is worth enduring since I’ll get to go to my home state after finals week is done, but a lot of students feel like there’s no point in even trying anymore. Statements like, “There’s only a week left, why should I even try?” or “Who cares anyway, I have the rest of high school to get good grades.” We should think about finals and this final push until break in a different way.

If you have time and you truly aren’t doing anything else, study! Making good grades on your finals can totally help you bring your grade up. Your final is worth 1/5 of your overall grade, so it carries a lot of weight for better or for worse. It IS worth studying and thinking about what you need to do to boost your grade up one more point. If you thought you didn’t have any inspiration, here you go. This is me, Love Lundy, telling all of you Bob Jones students that YOU CAN DO IT. Have a great break, Patriots.

Check Out Notes

As the BJHS Attendance Twitter warned, “Notes for checking out Thursday and Friday are due tomorrow! (Wednesday).


1st and 2nd block exams are on Thursday.

3rd and 4th block exams are on Friday. It’s also a half day.

Grade Calculator for the Semester


You can download the document to experiment with your final grade.