MCS Go 2.0: Gone Mobile


Trevor Stewart , Writer

Bob Jones junior Xander Voigt developed an app for Madison City Schools. Xander teamed up with Madison City’s Coordinator of Instructional Technology Daniel Whitt to create MCS GO.  

According to the Pew Research Center46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something they couldn’t live without.  Making school-related information as easy to access as possible with readily available technology was the goal.

“MCS GO aims to help students, teachers, admin, and parents.” In a mass email sent out to MCS users, Mr. Whitt stated that he and Xander “hope the app makes your life easier and helps you to form new connections.” In addition, he included a youtube video that teaches the ins and outs of MCS GO.

Xander used Apple’s X-Code software to create the app. When asked about his experience in the internship program, Xander had a very positive review. “It has been phenomenal. It has been practical and something that I like. Making an app has been an awesome challenge. It taught me how to be resourceful.”

The app has a useful social feed that features all the content of the official Madison City Schools accounts. In addition to directions to all Madison City facilities, an iNow tab, and a scores tab that has updates for all the Bob Jones and James Clemens sports events, it also has the curriculum catalogs, which may be helpful during registration. It also features Fast Forward, a blog that highlights innovative teaching in Madison City.

MCS Go 2.0 is available now on the App Store,