Free Reading Friday: Check Out What YOU Want to Read


Hadley Rosengrant and Maddy Moe

If reading increases comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, speaking skills, and reduces stress, why don’t more students read?  “Every time I ask a student why they never read, they all say the same thing. They just don’t like reading,” remarked Mrs. Huskey. Circulation in the library has been steadily increasing over the past few years; however, this year it has been at an all-time low.

Sydney Pennywell, a regular patron of the library, checked out the next book in a series she is currently reading. “I love the library,” she explained. “I usually go about every two weeks, depending on the length of the book I’m reading at the time.”

Toni Glover visits the library every morning before school, but she almost never checks out books. She explained, “When I do check out books, I never actually have time to read them.” Most students do not check out books because of their busy schedules.

Since many students do not have time to read outside of school, their only time to read is during school. Bob Jones teachers could do more to encourage reading material other than textbooks and required novels.

This is why Mrs. Edger is participating in Free Read Friday in her classroom. She posted a picture on Facebook of her students reading materials of their choice, and they seemed to be enjoying it. She said, “The first Free Read Friday was a success! Students are given 15 minutes each Friday to read a book of their choice.”

Mrs. Huskey explained the rules of Free Read Friday. “Every Friday students will read a book of their choice for 15 minutes. The only rule is that it cannot be digital. Studies show that people retain more information when they read a physical copy of something.” After giving a plethora of information about the benefits of reading, she joked, “I could tell you about all of the studies!”

Mrs. Huskey gave some advice to students that do not enjoy reading. “Read about topics you’re interested in. If you are interested in Marine Biology, read about Marine Biology. You’ll have fun if you are actually engaged in what you’re reading.”

So go to the library and check out a book. I mean, you read this article, didn’t you?