Prom: What’s for Dinner?

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Prom: What’s for Dinner?

Noah Vermillion, Writer

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Making dinner reservations for prom can be hard because you have to choose the right restaurant, and it can be even harder if you have to find a restaurant that seats a lot of people. If you have a large party, you need to make reservations sooner rather than later. With only a week to spare, it’s going to be tough. Some restaurants will take reservations on apps like Open Table, but you might have to call some restaurants or go online. There is also price. If you’re picking up your date’s tab, it can get especially pricey, and you don’t want to limit your date to a Caesar salad and water. Check menus online to get an idea of how much it might cost before making your reservation.

With prom at the Westin at Bridge Street, some people may enjoy the convenience of eating at Bridge Street. Kade Koler, a junior eating at The Melting Pot, said that his group “wanted to save gas and just walk to the Westin.” There are plenty of places to take photos there. The best restaurants are Connors, Texas de Brazil, Bravo, Melting Pot, PF Changs, and Kona Grill. Of these, Kona Grill is probably the cheapest, and Texas de Brazil is probably the most expensive with Connors and Melting Pot coming in close behind. If you choose a restaurant like Texas de Brazil or Melting Pot, you need to remember that it can take a long time to eat there because of the way the courses are served.

Some people might go with Providence. Grille29 is a solid choice for prom because it’s close to Bridge Street, and you can take photos at the fountain. Junior Molly Bates said that she and her friends chose Grille29 because “we thought it would be less crowded.” Another option would be Phuket Thai. There aren’t really any other prom-worthy restaurants there, but you wouldn’t be the first person to show up at Mellow Mushroom for prom.

If you go to downtown Huntsville, you might go to The Bottle, Cotton Row, or maybe Commerce Kitchen. Parking in downtown Huntsville can be aggravating. These restaurants are all pretty pricey but delicious. A more affordable option is Pane y Vino. Junior Savannah Brown said, “We’re taking the pictures in at Big Spring Park, and Pane y Vino is nice but still pretty casual.”

Other choices that you might not know about are 1892 in Five Points of Huntsville, Surin in south Huntsville, and Ruth’s Chris near Huntsville Hospital (it has moved locations since the last prom). I Heart Sushi isn’t a bad idea either. Brandon Shaw, a senior, chose to eat at “Sakura… Everyone in the group likes the food there.”

If you’re on a budget like most high school students, there is no shame in Applebees, Outback, Rosie’s, Terranova’s, Carraba’s, or Olive Garden, though you can’t make reservations at most restaurants like that. Besides, if you’re with the right people, a home-cooked meal at someone’s house or even Taco Bell is all you need to have a fun prom night. After prom, you might have an even better time at Waffle House or IHOP.

One last tip… If you’re at a nice restaurant, remember to arrive on time, be considerate of other parties sitting near your table, be prepared to split the bills if you’re with a large party, and be sure to tip the wait staff.