Recycle Your Eclipse Glasses!


Gracie Poehlman, Writer, Photographer

The next total solar eclipse will be in 2019, crossing Asia and South America. Following the last one, many people have eclipse glasses sitting around, but not the budget to visit the 2019 path of totality.

Shandi Burrows, president of the Bob Jones Latin Club, said, “Astronomers Without Borders is taking donations of eclipse glasses to send to South America and Asia, to people that don’t usually have these resources. […] I set it up so Latin Club is doing this as a service project, and we will send to to Astronomers Without Borders so they can distribute them.”

For consumer safety, eclipse glasses manufacturers are required to label their glasses with usage instructions, including a statement about how long they can safely be used. Most eclipse glasses have a statement on the inside of one earpiece saying that they expire within 3 years.

“So we can’t hold on to them and use them for the next one in the US, but the next one in the world is in 2 years so it is perfect,” she said.

Astronomers Without Borders will be handling all glasses safety inspections, shipping costs, and distribution. Volunteer networks in South America and Asia will be giving these glasses to schools for free.

Go to the Media Center to donate your glasses! The Latin Club will be taking donations until September 1st. Donated glasses can be placed in the box just inside the front door.

Miss the September 1st deadline but still want to donate? Astronomers Without Borders’ partner, Explore Scientific, will be accepting mail donations.