Bob Jones Band Concert: Christmas Memories

Victoria Cox, Writer

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The band held their annual Christmas performance in which they played music like “Home Alone Christmas,” “Merry Christmas Darling,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “Sleigh Ride.” Jazz band and sectionals played other songs in the lobby. 

Many of the Bob Jones students and administrators came to the auditorium to watch the Patriot Band play, including Discovery’s band director Jennifer Merritt. “The Bob Jones Jazz Band and Concert Bands put on an amazing concert full of holiday favorites that I really enjoyed. Ms. Thomas and Mr. Smart did a great job putting the program together. Hearing the Home Alone music medley reminded me of when I was young and would watch that movie every Christmas with my brother and sister.”

Others also recalled their childhood memories. Director Mr. Smart said, “I thought the concert went very well. The students worked extremely hard to put out quality music and create a holiday cheer. One of my favorite pieces was the theme song from the movie “Christmas Vacation.” I remember growing up watching this every year and it still is a tradition in our house to watch every Christmas Eve. I am extremely thankful for the unending effort by the students and the constant support from parents, boosters, and administration. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!”

The band worked very hard on this holiday music to share with the community, and the band had fun playing the songs. Ms. Thomas, another band director, said, “I thought the concert went great!  It amazes me each year how we can come together in such a short amount of time for that concert.  My favorite song was “Home Alone.” It was challenging for everyone, but it’s one of my favorite movies so I love hearing the music every day when we rehearse.”

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