High Quality, Low Cost Christmas


Gracie Beck, Writer

The holiday season is known for the music, presents, family, and much more, but the Christmas decor can really impact one’s excitement about the holidays. Lenora Lee, a student a Bob Jones, described the impact of holiday decor: “It puts my family in the spirit of Christmas and hopefully the community.”

There are some options for more low budget and homemade decorations.

You can do many things like making your own decorations out of cardboard, paper plates, and paper. Aaliyah Johnson recommended using “paper cut outs for trees and snowflakes.”All that this requires is paper, scissors, and glue, tape, or string. This gives you options for very minimal effort and cost, yet it is cute and brings out the spirit of Christmas.

Lenora Lee suggested to “use old cardboard around your house and decorate it.”  You can make many different things with this, such as snowflakes, candycanes, lollipops, and even reindeer. All this requires is cardboard and paint or really anything that you can use to color. This option is super festive and a lot of fun to make.

Another option, suggested by Ashlee Sunderman, is to make homemade ornaments. All this requires is a paper plate, string, and something to color with. This option is super easy, and you can get as creative as you want with it. One more option recommended by Maddie Shrode is to “make garlands yourself.” This option is a lot of fun and very cute. Plus, you can make it out of practically anything you want, from string and popcorn or cotton balls. You can make this as bright or as simple as you want and it is a lot of fun to make.

All in all, there are many options for fun and low budget Christmas decorations that you can make at home. Not only are they fun, easy, and low budget, but you get to make them by yourself or with friends, which is a gift on its own. There is so much more than just these few ideas, so if you want anymore suggestions, get some ideas from Pinterest.