¡Bob Jones Es El Ganador!

Emilee Lamps, Writer

This past Friday, the University of Alabama hosted the 2019 Spanish convention, where high schoolers from across the state of Alabama come to compete in various language and culture centered competitions. This year’s theme for the convention was “El Cono Del Sur”, which translates to “The Southern Cone”. The Southern Cone of South America consists of these countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile. This year, students studied various topics such as grammar, vocabulary, and culture of the Southern Cone in hopes to come out in the end with a trophy. Luckily, Bob Jones came out victorious, winning a total of 11 trophies.


Vocabulary: Joshua Cagle & Rylen Byers- 1st place

Sight Reading: Payton Gloschat & Evanne Terry- 4th

Poetry Recitation: Claudia Vargas- 2nd

Ashley Rehage, Katrina Pedrahas & Adrienne Hyams-4th

Culture Bowl: Alex Almanza, Ayra Alam, James Yoo & John Yoo- 2nd

Exhibit: Jessica Swartz, Mackenzie Swartz, Daniel Navarro & Kailyn Vinson- 1st

Solo Singing– Regan Harris- 1st

Señora Castañeda, Bob Jones Spanish teacher, said, “I love Spanish Convention so much because it gives the students in our Spanish classes the opportunity to celebrate what they have learned through their accomplishments.”

All of the students who participated put in a tremendous amount of effort to represent Bob Jones well. The club hopes to continue their winning streak into the next convention. Until next year, adiós.