Seal of Biliteracy Awarded

Dalia Altubuh, Writer

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On May 7, a celebration was held for those students who earned their Seal of Biliteracy–a nationally recognized seal. The Seal of Biliteracy is a special seal given to those students who have proven themselves literate in a second language either through receiving a certain score on the Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (known also as the AAPPL) or acquiring a 3 on the AP exam of that particular language. It is described as “an award given by Madison City Schools in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. It encourages students to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices.”

This is the first year that Madison City Schools has participated in granting the honor, making it one of only two school systems in the state to do so. This year, successful underclassmen received a Certificate of Proficiency, and seniors were also rewarded with a medallion that they are encouraged to wear at graduation.

Current recipients of the Latin Seal of Biliteracy include Dalia Altubuh (12th), Marielle Baumgartner, Jocelyn Dieselberg, Holly Powell, and Adelle Rosendale.

Current recipients of the German Seal of Biliteracy include Joshua Palmquist and Rebecca Robinson (12th).

Current recipients of the French Seal of Biliteracy include Elise Baumgartner, Marielle Baumgartner, Aparna Bhooshanan, Johnathan Hampton (12th), Meredith Martin, Claire O’Neal (12th), and Dylan Sanchez.

Current recipients of the Spanish Seal of Biliteracy include Sophia Almanza (12th), Samuel Andrzajenski (12th), Emily Bethea, Madison Carmouche-Soward (12th), Abner Cordova, Joy Duan, Stuart Edge, Thomas Freeman (12th), Michael Guthrie, Kristen Hatch, Ethan Horne, Hannah Johnson, Lillie Reid, Noracarol Rubio-García, Pierce Gardner (12th), Ian Konopatzke (12th), Aditi Limaye (12th), Adrian Martinez (12th), Danielle McDowell (12th), Robert McGinley (12th), Shafi Muhammad (12th), Jenna Risky (12th), Kailyn Vinson (12th), and Savannah Walker (12th).

Lastly, the current recipient of the Portuguese Seal of Biliteracy is Julia Souza.

Names will continue to be added as more test results come back.

The world language teachers constantly show their pride as they add more names to the growing list of those who are biliterate. As Madame Mooney said during the ceremony, “Learning a second language is hard. Those who know two languages double their worth–that’s what these student have done. They doubled their worth, and we’re so proud of them.”

The Madison City School System has a vision of expanding foreign language education, pushing for a greater number of teachers in the elementary and middle schools under its jurisdiction. This will hopefully allow for students to better engage in the world as we currently know it, opening the door to infinite opportunities.