Let Em’ Rip!

Students showing off their Beyblades.

Brooke Heath, Writer

In our childhoods, our lives were plentiful with children’s toys and fun little trinkets. We always love to revel in the nostalgia of these toys and wonderful memories of our past. One toy we all know and love, though, is the Beyblade. Almost all of us have a great recollection of this amazing creation.

This week, a Patriot Path was held for Beyblading by Frau Bruni. This wonderful idea came from the brilliant mind of junior Parker Burris. When asked how the idea was assembled, he said, “One day in German class, we were reminiscing about our favorite childhood toys, so we asked Frau Bruni if we could have a Patriot Path for Beyblades.”

When asked why she agreed to start the Patriot Path, Frau Bruni stated that her children “live and breathe Beyblades,” and so she was familiar with the toy and was perfectly willing to satisfy the students’ wishes.

A sophomore, Jackson Bonney, has owned his Beyblades for over seven years. Many students have a great love for their Beyblades and still own them from when they were small children. When asked for a statement, he simply said excitedly, “Beyblades! It’s lit!”

When I entered the classroom, waves of nostalgia immediately rushed over me, as I can only assume would happen to anyone that set foot in B218 that day. Smiles were bright on everyone’s face as students counted, “Three… two… one… let it rip!”

Parker Burris said, “I’m happy to see everyone getting involved in something so out there.” Parker smiled and then continued with hosting the Beyblade competition. 

Frau Bruni plans on hosting the Beyblade Patriot Path at least one more week, so make sure to sign up if you can. It is BYOB: Bring Your Own Beyblades.