How to Spend Your Time in Quarantine


Ashlee Sunderman, Writer

Welcome to Quarantine! We’ll be spending time at home, so here are some ideas about how you could spend the time without getting devastatingly bored.

Parents would suggest cleaning, but while that does take up a lot of time, it’s boring.

Naturally, you could also lay around watching Tik Tok or Netflix, or playing video games, but with so much time to waste, it’s only a matter of time before even those things get old. In order to solve the problem of boredom, I asked some Bob Jones students how they planned to spend the time, evading boredom and schoolwork alike.

You may be wondering what could be better than binge-watching Netflix or playing video games all day, but there are plenty of creative, fun ways to spend your time. Christian Lindner, a sophomore at Bob Jones, plans on spending these next three weeks in a giant pillow fort, “ruling over [his] own little kingdom” and thinking about how he “could better govern [his] pillow kingdom.”

Maddie Shrode, a senior, plans on spending her time preparing stuff for her college dorm and baking “so much bread.”

Aaron Michaels, also a senior, also plans to cook and says he’ll spend his time “perfecting [his] homemade pasta recipe and being a good Italian-American for once,” and binge reading the books he’s been wanting to read. Some students plan on becoming “Tik Tok famous” over the break.

Now that you have some ideas for fighting off boredom, let’s talk about homework. All of my teachers left me with work for over the break, and even though I’m going to finish it, I don’t want to. To save you from the same fate, here are some funny ways you could avoid doing homework. Madison Carter, a sophomore, says to completely avoid emails or Google Classroom because you can’t do assignments you know nothing about. Bree Soto, a junior, suggested to “throw the whole router out” because “you can’t do online work if you can’t get online.” You could also “banish homework from [your] pillow fort” like Christian Lindner is doing, or simply play Minecraft to avoid it as Caleb McDonald suggested. While these are humorous suggestions on how to avoid doing homework, now that the state has shifted to an official e-learning status as of April 6, well, you will just have to do it.

During quarantine, the best thing you can do to fight off boredom is to be creative! As long as you’re making something or doing something you love, you’ll stay sane and maybe even enjoy this time off of school.