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Ashlee Sunderman
Greetings! I'm a senior this year and kind of torn between wanting to leave and wanting to stay. I plan on going to UAH next year, studying nursing! I enjoy writing fiction and reading whenever I can, as well as singing obnoxiously to broadway musicals. I'm not necessarily outgoing, but if you talk to me I'll be your friend. This year I'm doing both yearbook and pub, so literally half of my day is spent being creative. I love dogs, my friends, dungeons and dragons, and Italian food! I'm not super great at photography or drawing, but if you need anything related to podcasts or writing, I'm your girl! I have three dogs that I love oh-so-much! Their names are Penny, Bernadette, and Miley (yes Penny and Bernie are Big Bang references, not my choice).

Ashlee Sunderman, Contributor

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Ashlee Sunderman