End Of The Year Checkup – How’s Everyone Doing?


Ally Hayes, Writer

With the end of the year comes much stress. Exams are creeping up, grades are due, AP exams loom in the near future, and seniors are making college preparations. 

Many kids have reported not good to mediocre grades. Junior Zach Persons said his grades were “not failing but lower than usual.” The online format has made school and focusing harder, but most kids are hanging on until the end. Brenna Oxley described her situation as “not failing but struggling.”

An issue among seniors especially is college preparation. Some still don’t know what college they’re going to, applying for scholarships is a weekly stressor, and making sure to hit the deadlines to accept offers is difficult to keep up with. 

Senior Lenora Lee said, “It is so stressful. I’m trying to cram all of this last-minute stuff in before AP tests, but doing stuff for high school and college at the same time is a lot.”

After being asked how they were feeling, seniors responded with a collective “not doing great.” Emma Hardy asked if she could be taken back to kindergarten – a sentiment that does not go unshared. 

There’s hope for some at least. Brandon Clark said, “College prep has been alright, to say the least. I’m glad that my parents are helping me stay accountable in places that I am lacking in.” 

In a melancholy attempt to look on the bright side, Aidan Sims mentioned that he is “tired of doing this work, but I’m glad it’s almost over.” 

Emma Hardy got accepted into Auburn and is looking forward to registering for her classes. Ruby Ingram, a senior, said, “The senioritis has hit me hard. I’ve met so many friends, teachers, and classmates who have really inspired me, and I’ve had a really good time here, but it’s time to start something new.”

The end of the year can be stressful and tiring for students, but with it comes many new changes and a summer free of the struggles of the school year. Seniors are able to look forward to new towns, friends, and experiences as they move on to college, and they get to say goodbye to high school.