Summer School Information


Isabella Caballero, Writer

With summer soon approaching, some students might need summer school. Let’s face it– first semester was tough. Second semester was better, but for some, it was still tough. There’s still hope, though.

Students who failed a course can complete ACCESS Credit Recovery courses FOR FREE this summer. If you failed a course with a 40 or higher, you are eligible for Credit Recovery. Credit recovery allows you to take a Pretest for each unit, and if you earn a high enough score on that Pretest, you can move to the next unit and save a lot of time. 

If you don’t qualify for Credit Recovery, you can complete the normal ACCESS courses and get back on track before the next school year.

And for those who are in a position to get ahead, you can still complete courses like Drivers’ Ed and Health over the summer.

Mr. Runnion released information about classes, payment, and registration on the Bob Jones website. The Summer School Enrollment page includes the fee payment link, the five learning options, as well as the prices for each course offered. 

All registration will be online, and payments can be made online or at the fee payment office at Bob Jones. Students must register under their MCS log-in. 

If you have any questions regarding summer school, email Mr. Runnion or visit the Bob Jones Summer School page.