Homecoming 2021


Taylor Bean, Contributor

Homecoming is a time almost everyone looks forward to, and the voting for Homecoming Court is now open. You can also attend Patriot Paths or after-school float building sessions to build parade floats to support our Homecoming’s Disney theme. SGA needs help creating playhouses for the floats and those playhouses will eventually be donated to local children. 

The football game is on October 15 at the Madison City Stadium. Also, on Thursday, October 14, the Homecoming parade takes place along Hughes Road. Band, color guard, cheerleaders, the football team and many other clubs and sports teams participate in this parade to represent our school. During the week leading up to the dance, we have spirit week where everyone dresses up and shows their school spirit, and on Friday, everyone wears red, white, and blue to show our school spirit. More information about Homecoming and what to wear for spirit week can be found by clicking THIS WEBSITE.

Last year, not only did COVID take away the “normal” aspect of school, but it also took away most of Homecoming and the dance. Many students were disappointed that we could not have a dance. This year we are having a dance on October 16, and it is going to be outside on the BJHS turf field to provide a safer environment for everyone.  Mrs. Van Dam described what to expect. “There is going to be a stage under the goal post, and then Mullins rental company will bring a parquet dance floor out to about the 50-yard line. We’ll have decorated cocktail tables on the side of the field, and there will be stringed lights everywhere. It’s going to be nice.” 

Most surveyed students agreed that it is better to be outside during the COVID times. Lily Shelton responded,  “Seems safer, also kinda cute, so you can dance under the moonlight.” Grace Sanders said, “I think it will give us more space for dancing and since it is in October, it should be cool.” 

Overall, the Homecoming dance is something most students enjoy. From dressing up all week, participating in the parade, watching or playing in the football game, and then the homecoming dance, there’s something for everyone. Anne Elise Cairns said, “I have not been to one since freshman year because of COVID, so I just hope it is a good experience.”  Homecoming is a time where everyone can have fun with their friends and show some school spirit!