Patriot Path on Pages


Julia Schwartz, Contributor

There’s nothing nicer than taking an hour out of the day to do something you enjoy. Patriot Path is a break from the everyday stress of school. But what happens when there is no path that interests you? The students are full of great ideas on how to spend that hour, so everybody gets the most rewarding experience out of it.

A survey was taken, and most people seemed to agree that there was a pretty good selection and variety of Patriot Paths, but that they would still like to see more options. “It could use a little more variety, but I’m glad to see them back,” senior Joe Williams said. I think everyone is glad to see it back after Covid prevented it last year.

Although people are excited for it, they have some ideas for more Patriot Path options that they think would interest people. One person recommended Just Dance, and another, floor hockey. Several people talked about TV and movie paths. “Anything involving tea. We have Coffee and Chat, how about Tea and Talk?” suggested freshman Conrado Jocson. Other people mentioned weightlifting, wrestling, and nap time. The most common suggestions, though, were related to food.

Milkshake making, cookie decorating, cupcake decorating, baking, and even an ice cream social were suggested. In the survey that I took, most people didn’t have a problem with food-related paths when it came to COVID. One person mentioned that they were hesitant because of the ant problems we’ve been having, and another mentioned how it contributed to the trash around the school. Someone suggested small snacks so that people can eat quickly and then re-mask.

Since food seemed to be a popular aspect, I interviewed the teacher who had been hosting the Root Beer Float Patriot Path, Mrs. Teare. She talked about how fast it has been filling up every week and the students requesting more room. I signed up to see for myself, and it was very full. There were two teachers in charge, so they had room for 40 people. I saw people at every table enjoying their floats and playing games.

We’re all looking forward to exploring our opportunities every Wednesday and to seeing new Patriot Paths that are tailored to us appear. In fact, if you want to lead your own Patriot Path, you can go talk to Mrs. Carroll and you might get the chance to!