Best Halloween Costumes 2021


Wilson Nichols and William Zerangue

The hardest part of Halloween is always the costumes because you have so many options. When creating a Halloween costume, the ideas are infinite and possibilities endless. Bob Jones students gave some creative ideas in a recent poll, and Google Trends just released its annual FreightGeist based on Google searches.

One dramatic idea was a white ball gown dress with red kool-aid down it to produce the look of blood. Students also suggested a shirtless vampire, Pac Man, and a simple hotdog. Students ranked witches, ghosts, and Harley Quinn as the most common costumes for 2021, but with the release of shows such as Squid Game and Ted Lasso and new movies as Flash and Batman, we shall see if these shows’ popularity influences costumes this year. Some popular culture costume ideas suggested were Kim Kardashian’s black dress that she wore to the Met Gala and ASAP Rocky’s quilt look that he wore to the Met Gala.

Google Trends “FreightGeist” list showed costumes for WandaVision and Cruella DeVil trending earlier in the year, but it’s mostly classic costumes trending this close to Halloween. Witch, rabbit, and dinosaur led the Top 3.

Halloween is an important holiday with no age limit. Everybody is allowed to participate and have fun. Also, if there’s a Halloween costume contest, you want to bring your A-game.