FCA: It Might Be the Support You Need


Rachel Pennell, Contributor

Many people that filled out my Patriot Pages survey didn’t know what FCA is, so I will break it down a little.

FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA meets every other Friday before school in the small gym. FCA is a great opportunity to get involved with people very similar to you. The leaders of FCA are the sweetest people I have ever met. When you walk into FCA, you enter an environment that is so encouraging. We start it off with a fun game that usually ends with some pushing and shoving, but everyone is laughing. We grab some breakfast that is provided and listen to the encouraging message from the guest speaker. We then hear the announcements the student leaders have to share and then bless whatever team or group we are sponsoring.

Recently we did this event called Fields of Faith sponsored by Bob Jones FCA. This event included Bob Jones, James Clemens, and even some home-schooled students. Fields of Faith was a way to listen to leaders’ testimonies that were willing to share and build strong connections between leaders and students.The band from Cross Pointe church made up of students played and sang amazing worship songs during this event. Special thanks to Chick Fil A and Donatos for their partnership with FCA during this event.

If you’re a Bob Jones athlete, you should check out a meeting and have a great time!