BJ Spirit Wear for Christmas?

Eliot Walker, Graphics Artist

Eliot Walker, Graphics Artist

Wilson Nichols , Contributor

It’s the time of the year were most sports have started. It is also really cold at this time and they want their players all warm and ready to go. They also have spirit wear for students, parents, and teachers. Spirit wear might make a good Christmas gift if you’re still shopping. The price ranges on most items are reasonable.

Players and students have taken a poll of what they think about spirit wear. Most students polled shared that they had bought spirit wear from Bob Jones before, though the poll revealed that there is still room for sales growth. Most people that go to school usually buy the spirit wear to help their sport get more equipment or they buy it to support their school and team. Another thing that the poll revealed is that most customers felt that football had the best spirit wear, maybe because they get the most attention.

Would people wear Spirit Wear outside of school and school events? Most said that they would wear the spirit wear out of school into public.

You can buy spirit wear from the school website HERE and from the media center.