Not Sure About Your Christmas List?


Atiana Rose, Contributor

It’s almost Christmas! If you haven’t given your parents a list, I surveyed 38 teens asking for their top three gifts and I got tons of ideas.

If you want to go the electronic route, you could ask for a new phone, iPad, MacBook, Chromebook, PS5, Xbox Series X, a Nintendo Switch or maybe even a record player. You could also ask for accessories, like phone cases, video games, controllers for your gaming consoles, and records if you have a record player.

If you aren’t really interested in electronics, then you can ask for clothes. New sweaters/hoodies and leggings or jeans. You could also ask for one of your favorite influencer/celebrity merch (ex: Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish) or even new shoes or sandals (Doc Martens, Birkins, AF1, Nike Jordan 1s).

On the more feminine side, jewelry has also become very popular this year, so you could ask for rings, cute gold hoops or any other type of earrings, and cute necklaces. Shein has cute and extremely affordable jewelry. You could also ask for your favorite makeup products or new ones that were popular this year.

If you play sports, asking for new equipment based on the sport you play like knee pads, cleats, bat, or gloves might be desirable.

If you’re an artist, you can ask for stuff to do arts and crafts with like new colored pencils, canvases, and paint. Be sure to be specific about the brands of art supplies you want because there is a big difference between what you might buy at Wal-mart and some art supplies stores.

You could ask for new room decor if you want to redecorate (LED lights, tapestry, desk/vanity, gaming chair, or posters).

And if you want to be simple, you can ask for gift cards and/or money.

Be sure to give your parents enough time to order and receive your gifts. Whatever you end up getting, I hope you enjoy it!