You vs. Examitis!


John Knight, Contributor

Have you ever felt nervous for an upcoming final exam? If you are reading this article, you have most likely taken or about to take a final exam. It is not the final exam itself that people get nervous about, but it is what the exam can do to your grade. Most if not all people have a bad case of what I like to call “Examitis.” When there are problems with a final exam, there are also solutions to a final exam. Here are a few coping mechanisms to overcome your fears of taking a final exam, or any other test in some cases.

One way to conquer your fear of “Examitis” is to practice from past tests. Like I have heard from many people, practice makes perfect. According to finals-coping-with-stress-and-supporting-others, “Review old exams and if available, take a final practice exam. Reviewing old tests not only helps you decipher what you know and what you don’t know…” This is important for people that have not or never taken a final exam before.

Another way to overcome your fear of “Examitis” is to get plenty of sleep. According to 6-healthy-ways-to-reduce-stress-during-final-exams, “Stress can lead to insomnia, and a lack of sleep can increase stress levels.” Getting enough sleep is important to decrease your levels of stress when you are doing something important, like taking a final exam.

One more way to conquer your fear of “Examitis” is to simply talk to someone. According to 7-strategies-to-cope-with-exam-stress-and-anxiety, “Sometimes just talking about things can make you feel better and the person you talk to may help you put things into perspective.” A lot of people have feelings about tests and anxiety, but they do not know how to express it. Talking to someone is a perfect solution to that and “Examitis.”

In conclusion, there are many stressful feelings that come when taking a final exam, but what comes with that are a plethora of solutions to those problems. Some people have conquered their fear of “Examitis” just from test experience. If you are nervous about taking a final exam, don’t be nervous. Hopefully, you have found a way to overcome your fear of “Examitis” and are ready to put another win in the books!