Fall and Winter Spirit Wear Upgrades


Nathaniel Jasper, Contributor

The fall and winter seasons just got better for Bob Jones. The school has now found a new partner that can help them with a fundraiser. The partner is a business called Apparel Lab, a printing and embroidery company that makes t-shirts and other merchandise. Bob Jones and Apparel Lab will now be working together by holding a fundraiser for projects that will help improve the school. Some of the school betterment projects that will be possible because of the fundraiser include improving the water bottle filling stations, fixing the swings in the courtyard, having student support programs, and giving teachers classroom grants. 

Some of the merchandise that the students and community can purchase include shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that have a retro and traditional design to them and are great for the colder weather that is approaching. A few clothing options include a retro comfort long-sleeve shirt for $29.00, a t-shirt with the ”Bob Who” design ranging from $20-$23.00, and a crewneck sweatshirt ranging from $28.00-$31.00. Other items that the students will be able to purchase include stickers for $3.00, water bottles for $25.00, and Tumblrs for $22.50. 

If you would like to help improve the school by purchasing these items, go to the BJHS Merch Store site where you will be able to pick the items you want. All items will be available until 11:00 AM CDT on October 21. You can expect your order to be delivered to you in the first week of November. 

Support your school, and freshen up your Bob Jones spirit wear! Click HERE to order.