Greenpower Needs You! Calling All Creative Underclassmen!

Greenpower Needs You! Calling All Creative Underclassmen!

Ace Boldog, Contributor

Calling All Creative Underclassmen!

If you are a freshman or sophomore here at Bob Jones and you can work a camera and have some experience with editing software, Greenpower needs YOU and your creative vision.

Now you may be wondering why Greenpower needs a photographer/videographer, but half of the national competition is having a photography portfolio, website, social media, and creative video presentation about the season and the struggles and/or the team cooperation throughout the year. 

They are doing rather well on the racing side with multiple 1st and 2nd places, but they need help on the creative documentation side. This is an experience that will look great on your resume!

They need someone with some understanding of Wix to update the site when they get new highlights, results from races, and new members. They have a Youtube channel, and they need someone to film and edit highlights while the team is working on the car and at the races while the team. They also need a photographer who can be there to take Race-Day pictures to go on the website and for the end of the season.

They are looking for multiple students who can put their creative talents to use on a real-world project. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has had multimedia design or just enjoys this as a hobby.

The deadline for applying is March 31.

Click Here for the sign-up instructions.

(Scroll down the application to see the link to sign-up.)