New Year’s Resolutions


Aubrey Anne Richards and Grace Jae

We asked Bob Jones students about their New Year’s resolutions, and found a few trends. Our survey shows that students want ideas on how to  improve their academics and self-care in general and drop their bad habits. While we’re no experts, we thought we’d offer some advice to help our fellow students meet their 2020 goals. 


So you noticed that your grades were not that hot in the first semester and you want to change it, or maybe you were super stressed about school and want to change that. 

Schedule study time. I feel that is the most important thing you can do to boost your grade. Your brain is most ready to study either early in the morning or 2-6 p.m, so plan your schedule around that time to not cram right before bed. Don’t study for hours on end; take quick breaks every 15 minutes until you have the material down. Also, chew gum as you study and then bring the same flavor on test day. It’s proven it helps your brain to remember what you studied. Keep up with your grades and don’t compare yourself with others! Don’t stress about how your friend has a 96 and you’re here with a 75. Everyone learns differently and at a different pace in different subjects. Maybe one day you will be the A and your friend will be the C. Also, just take 30 minutes to do your homework. Even if it isn’t graded, homework will help you learn the material. If it’s a participation grade, then that will boost your grade little by little. 


I feel this doesn’t always have to do with our physical appearance but also our mental state. When reflecting on your 2019, do you think you were persistent with your self-care? Routine is key. You could plan upcoming events in your calendar or planner, paint your nails every month, and even do a face mask every other day. When it comes to being mentally prepared for 2020, you could think about doing a devotional or 365 days of happiness. Even while keeping up with your day-to-day self-care, take time to reflect on how you met (or didn’t meet) your goals each month. Be honest with yourself! If you’re regularly meeting your current goals, you could even make better goals, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself here.

Bad Habits

It is hard to go cold-turkey on chewing your nails, leaving people hanging in text messages, drinking energy drinks, or being late to school. Your bad habits might affect the people around you, and more importantly, yourself. Get your friends to help and welcome them to tell you when you are falling into old habits and accept their help. Don’t get defensive when your friends are only trying to help you–utilize it! 

Happy New Year, Bob Jones. Make it the best year yet.