How to Make Money This Summer!


Sarah Williams, Writer

Although summer is a time for fun, it takes money to have fun….so we’ll have to earn it somehow.

With the extra time students have in the summer, there are many options to make money. Some students choose to work a part-time job while others might instead find work with no definitive paycheck. If you’re looking for some easy cash without the hassle of a part-time job, try some of these options to make money:

-Ask your parents for small chores around the house that you wouldn’t normally do. A lot of parents will pay more for less frequent chores rather than your day-to-day sweeping and doing the dishes. For example, you could ask if you could mow the lawn, ask to wash the windows, or maybe even clean out that closet in your house that always seems to be cluttered (we all have one).

-Another great opportunity to make money is to babysit for family friends or neighbors. Parents typically pay $10-$15 an hour for babysitting and will typically pay more in families with several children. Now that is something you definitely don’t want to pass up.

-Pet-sitting is also a great option.

But, maybe you do want to have the constant guarantee of a paycheck rolling into your bank account once every two weeks. There are several options for part-time jobs throughout Madison, and most of these job openings are offered by the more popular small businesses in town. In a poll made for the students at Bob Jones, several students commented that they would consider working for a small business.

Maybe even you could take an application the next time you visit these few businesses:

-Shake it Boba


-La Placita

-Vintage 72

-The Twisted Tree

-Plato’s Closet

Many students who work at larger restaurants or retail stores have commented on the recent need for more employees where they work, some being:


-Papa Johns



-Burger King

-Space and Rocket Center

Make sure to use these quick tips on how to make quick cash this summer, the more money you have, the more fun you can have with your friends.