Netflix Original Series: 13 Reasons Why


Savannah Plume, Writer

We all have gone through that angsty, over emotional, and extremely confused state of high school. Yet nothing quite compares to the high school experience of Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why.

This Netflix Original series started off as a Young Adult novel in 2007, written by Jay Asher.

Sophomore Jessica Sloan described the novel as “sad, depressing, interesting, and a bit cliche.” It can come off as an emotional rollercoaster, but who doesn’t need a book to cry over every now and then?

However, 13 Reasons Why has started to pick up more and more attention the longer Netflix has it up. With reviews showing promising results. IGN rates it a 9.2/10, IMDb with a 9.1/10, and Rotten Tomatoes with a 90%.

Within a few seconds of the first episode, we learn that our narrator, Hannah Baker, is dead. What a way to kick off a series. It’s up to the viewers and the cast of characters, who have way more life problems than all of us combined, to figure out what has brought about Hannah’s death.

We follow socially awkward teenage boy Clay Jensen as he relives Hannah’s life through a handful of tapes. Recorded on each tape is a piece of how Hannah lived her life before she died.

Throughout the tapes, the show is able to touch on many issues that most normal people either go through or witness such as bullying and sexual harassment. We don’t only see these acts being committed, but we also witness the effect little actions have on those around you. This is much like the butterfly effect.

One critique that many who have watched this new show comment on is how slowly the plot picks up speed.

Sophomore Claire Dieselberg said, “To me, it was a bit slow, but I think that was to build suspense. Which worked!” She also stated, “It’s one of those shows that make you really want to know what happens next.”

Many people can agree that you will get hit by the feels in this new show, but it’s worth it. It’s a classic high school cliche that people can’t help but want to watch. It keeps people interested as well as teaching valuable life lessons to those who need it.