Support Your Band’s Fundraisers!

Yunona Shkolnikov


Ben Meyer, Writer

Every Friday night, the Marching Band shows their prowess on the field. With their instruments shining in the stadium lights, they always strive to increase the fans’ morale. Everyone knows the band strives for perfection, but they might not know how they afford to put on these shows or travel for competition.

With ongoing fundraisers every year, the Marching Band here at Bob Jones has just enough funding to run. It costs a lot to take every member to competitions and to afford new instruments. A student survey revealed that some students aren’t aware of the fundraisers, which include fundraisers like the Pecan and Candle sales as well as Boston Butt sales. 

Kiara Gunn, a senior not involved with band, said, “They should have something to sell to students… like a product that interests students. The Red Cross Club is selling unisex necklaces to support hurricane victims, and I feel like that’s something students are more willing to buy.”

Asst. Band Director Kevin Smart said, “Most of our fees and concession stand funds go to the sheer operation of the band, so those extra fundraisers go to new equipment, new chairs, new trailer or other things that come up in our operating expenses”

Senior Garrett Chambers believes that information on fundraisers should be more widespread. This way, the entire school at large could get involved instead of a niche group that the members know personally. More money means better props, higher quality of life in the band room, and better instruments. These items would improve the band’s competition capabilities.

It isn’t all about instruments and nice shiny things, though. Our band’s primary color is white, making it easy to get messy. While they have volunteers to clean up blemishes in the bibs, maintaining the pristine condition of the uniforms requires a lot of rags, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies. Freshman Alex Cockrell, new to BJHS Band’s uniform care, mentioned these cleaning goods that were necessary after only two football games and a competition. The white pants helps the band stand out which makes stains unacceptable.

All in all, the band does a lot for our school. The sky is the limit on what they could do with more funding. Aiding the band through their yearly fundraisers helps them to improve as our school improves.